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Hairul Anas Suaidi

Web Hobby, Personal Preferences, & Tips

There are so many personal web hobbies published on the web.
My web hobbies are:

  • I prefer Open Source System rather than Closed System
  • I prefer communicate using SMS rather than speak directly
  • I prefer deodorant rather than parfum (myself) :)
  • I prefer warmed cooking rather cool ones
  • I prefer covered girl
  • I prefer computing rather than watching
  • I prefer listening songs rather than gaming
  • I prefer being late to get marry rather than on time getting but unoptimally :)
  • I prefer my parents rather than myself
  • I prefer my son/daughter rather than myself
  • I prefer my wife rather than myself
  • I prefer reading Quran rather than Sinchan's Comics
  • I prefer establishing rather than adventuring

  • Tip 1: Send Email from your Mobile (handphone) via SMS, Free!!!
    Type: EMA [destination-email-address] [Contents]
    Example: EMA Thanks for the tips]
    Then send to: +393334774753 or +393388641732
  • Tip 2: Getting Email Notification to your Mobile via SMS, Free!!!
    Sign up to !!!
  • Tip 3: Sending SMS and Getting the Reply on Web
    Sign up to then check your INBOX and OUTBOX
    Don't forget to include the Country Code and not include the first NULL (0) of Mobile Number while sending SMS
    Example: For Indonesian, add +62 in front of the Number 0818432110, become: +62818432110)
  • Tip 4: Downloading Nokia Logo (Nokia 3210 or later)
    Surf to then choose the Free Logo

    The Tip 1 and 2 are work for all provider, except (unless) ProXL Provider (Indonesia).
    Tip 3 : ProXL Provider can't reply the SMS came from mtnsms.
    Tip 4 only work for SATELINDO (MENTARI) Simcard.

  • Removing Unrecognized Banner/Frame
    Put this script at your HTML:
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    <!-- Begin
    if (window != top) top.location.href = location.href;
    // End -->

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